Reason for Leaving Camp[edit | edit source]

Deceased camper status.

This daughter of Dionysus disappeared during Hera's Quest Part I along with her brother Valentine Butler. No one knows where they are.

Enrollment Profile[edit | edit source]

Jolly, Venterra Demigod

  1. 3 Year at Camp

Age: 16 Son/Daughter of Dionysus Appearance: Eye(s): Blue Hair: dirty blond Height: 5'7" Build Type: Athletic Background: Mortal Parent(s): Step-father, Trent Jolly, 51 Mother, Victoria Jolly, 49, deceased. Other Family: Dani Jolly, 12 Levi Jolly, 12 Pets: Munchie a Great Dane that's white with black spots. Brief History: Venterra was born in July in the small town of Beaufort in North Carolina. For the most part during her early childhood, she was a rather happy baby. She always had to be the center of attention with adults. But it was rather odd that she always seemed to light up a room or that when she would crawl by, she could seem to make the atmosphere of the room just become electric. Venterra was also rather close to her step-father more then her mother. For the longest time the small family was a rather close knit unit until the day that her mother became pregnant with twins when Venterra was four. Her mother seemed to treat her differently now that she had two other babies along the way. Venterra couldn't figure out why her mother would start to treat her differently. Ven started school and was instantly popular with many of the other children. However despite her popularity, Ven had trouble learning how to read and write and could barely sit still. During elementary school, Ven was held back twice so she was twelve before she actually moved on to middle school. When she turned twelve, her mother was drastically depressed and ended up killing her self after being committed to the psychiatric ward of the hospital. While it was rather traumatizing, Venterra was still really close to her Step-dad. Trent knew from her conception that Venterra wasn't his child. He decided that now was the time to tell her what was going on. Though he didn't know much about it, he told her what it was he knew about her real dad. This however, didn't change the relationship that Trent and Venterra had. Venterra started middle school at the age of thirteen. She made a great friend by the name of Costa. After a field trip where they were attacked by a sphinx, Costa revealed to her that he was really a satyr. They returned to the beach front house that Trent kept for the four of them and explained things to him. Costa told him that she was the daughter of a god or a goddess and now that she knew that, it wasn't safe for her to stay there. Trent quickly booked a train for her to travel on up to where Costa recommended for her to stay for the summer. Venterra and Costa managed to make it across the boarder line with out much trouble. But after a few hours of capture the flag, she was claimed by her real father Dionysus. It was nerve wracking for her to meet her real dad for the first time in years. While she still adores her Step-father, she feels a little bit apprehensive towards Dionysus. Though she has become a little more comfortable around her real father, she still isn't sure how to react around him. Personality: Likes: people- Venterra loves people and being the center of attention. parties- anything that allows her to be the center of attention is what she's down for. reading- she's just gotten over her server case of dyslexia and is eager to devour every book in the world if she can. plants- Especially things like grapes, plants really thrive under her watchful eye. dogs- Who wouldn't love such adorable creatures? Dislikes: wallflowers- They are just plain boring and really a pain. Drinking water- It's just so bland. Besides juice and wine is so better Numbers- They all look the same. Cats- they aren't at all sociable like she is. sweat- Its dirty and gross. Besides girls aren't supposed to sweat. Skills: Agile- She's fast on her feet and its hard to see her coming in a fight. Loyalty- Venterra is a loyal person and while some people see this as a flaw, she sees it as a skill that is an invaluable tool. Diplomatic- Some how she seems to be able to use her slick tongue to keep things from escalating to problematic proportions. Precision- While she might not hit the bulls-eye, she's consistent with her work whether its studying or fighting. Tactile- She rarely doesn't know what she's doing. Though she isn't as good as the Aries or Athena kids when it comes to strategy, venterra is actually good with what she can come up with. Weaknesses: Bluntness- Venterra has a horrid habit of being blunt and saying exactly what's on her mind regardless of what it actually is. Apathetic- Venterra just doesn't care about what other people feel or think. If its not about her, she just doesn't care. Loyalty- for those that can actually put up with her little quirks and personality, she is extreamly loyal to them and will fight for them if it comes to it. Bloodlust- Its odd to say that when it actually comes to a bursting point, if Venterra sees blood she will become blood crazed and is unable to contain herself. Lazy- To be honest, Venterra hates actually getting up and doing things that make her sweat. She considers it gross and dirty and not worth doing if it makes you sweat. Passions: Surfing- Its something she's been doing since birth with her step-dad. One day she actually hopes to become a pro-surfer. Writing- Once she overcame her dyslexia, venterra has a very active imagination. If she doesn't become a pro-surfer, she wants to be a writer. Fears: Drowning- Its not at all nice or pretty. The thought of suffocating under the pressure of the water is just...blegh. closed spaces- once again the suffocating idea of walls closing in is just horrid. Hobbies: Gardening- Its just something that Venterra has picked up from her time being here at camp. cooking- once again its something she just recently picked up, but its fun and something she can show off later when she goes to see her step-dad. Fighting Specialty: Dual-wielding short axes. Venterra has become a pretty quick and agile fighter. She loves the axe because it takes most people by surprise to see a girl like her using them. Fatal Flaw: Loyalty- Venterra figures that once someone can get past her abrasive personality, they are worth fighting for. It has gotten her into trouble on more then one account and has nearly gotten her killed at least twice. Theme Song: Lyrics ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Aiden Age: 21 How long have you been role playing?: 4-6 years How did you find us?: google Role Playing Sample: Quote: Venterra walked out of the dining hall and stretched. She had a few free hours before she was required to be in Archery. While pulling a bow and arrow was fun, if she had to stand out in the sun, Ven wasn't really interested. Being out in the sun meant that she would either get sunburned or she would be sweating up a storm. Besides girls weren't supposed to sweat. Guys didn't like girls who smelled like they did. Ven looked around to see some of the other cabins straggling off towards various parts of the camp. She almost missed being back home at the beach with her dad and her twin brother and sister. Right now, Ven would be on the beach with her dad, maybe catching a few waves or just taking a walk down by the surf. She smiled at the memory of showing her little brother how to fish off the pier by their house. Ven wondered how it was that some of the other Demi-gods had such a bad experience with their step-parents or their real parents. Sure she had met her real dad, Dionysus didn't seem that bad despite the fact he was forced to sober up by making the rest of them miserable, but Trent wasn't a horrible, overbearing, control-freak of a tyrant. Ven changed her direction and then headed towards the stables. She would take her dog, Munchie on a walk today down by the fireworks beach. Munchie was a gigantic black and white spotted Great Dane that Trent had given her for her sixteenth birthday. They rescued him from a shelter and she was allowed to take him back to camp with her and a promise to Trent that she would write more. A loud booming bark, greeted her amongst the sounds of barks, meows, neighs and other animal noises. After grabbing a leash off a hook and making a whistle sound, the black and white horse of a dog sat down eagerly and waited for Ven to let him out of his kennel. After a boisterous hello with Munchie placing his paws on Ven's shoulders in their own simple way of a good morning hug, Ven hooked him up to the leash and headed down the path towards the beach. The sun wasn't high enough to do too much damage yet and there was a cool breeze that came off the ocean. Ven closed her eyes and smiled, taking in the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the smell of salt water that was being carried on the wind. Ven then unhooked the clasp that kept Munchie on the leash and allowed him to run free. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tennis ball. After getting her dogs attention, she launched the ball as far as she could and watched the comical long-legged dog chase after it, kicking up sand and water as it ran. It made her smile and nearly made her giggle as the ball was returned to her in one piece, albeit a little slobbery. But this was what days like this were for right? Read more: [[1]]

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