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Valentine Butler was last seen with a group of fellow questers in Hera's Quest. He and his sister Venterra Jolly are nowhere to be found.

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Butler, Valentine Demigod 4 Year at Camp Age: 20 Son/Daughter of Dionysus Appearance: Eye(s): Deep brown Hair: Brown, messy Height: 6'7" (2m) Build Type: Tall, broad, strong Background: Mortal Parent(s): Brandy Butler, his deceased mother. Other Family: Amethyst Butler, his aunt and guardian. Pets: Rajiv, a 9'10" (3m) long, from nose to tail, 475 lb (215.5kg), Maltese tiger. Brief History: Valentine was born on February 14, earning him his given name from a delusional mother. Brandy Butler was a once-famous singer who worked in world-renowned clubs, marrying and divorcing thrice before meeting Dionysus in his human form and becoming his lover. They were married for a whole year before conceiving a child, and the god left soon after, promising to watch over Brandy and their child. Finding a home and a job in New York with at her husband's advice and her sister's help, she never saw him again. Valentine watched his mother fade as he grew up, growing up quickly so as to take care of her. He lived in an otherwise comfortable life, as food, clothing, and shelter were never an issue. As time wore on, Brandy became more and more dependent on her son, spending more and more time fantasizing about her husband. By his tenth birthday, their apartment was supported by him alone, though money continued to come their way whenever it was needed. Three years later, a week prior to his birthday, his mother passed. At thirteen he was claimed, and personally met his father for the first time. Both avoiding the topic of his mother's death, Dionysus asked his son to follow through with the arrangements he had made. Valentine was to live with his aunt Amethyst for three years, who could guard him until the camp had returned to peace. With Dionysus's blessing, Amethyst eventually took Valentine to Camp Half-Blood, where he has lived since, occasionally visiting both his aunt at her house and his mother's grave. He received Rajiv at the end of his first year at camp. Personality: Self-Disciplined -Having to mature further than most his age, Valentine learned self-control and discipline through experience and mistakes. He is quick to understand and decide what might be the best course of action given any situation, and is painfully aware of the consequences of each choice. Valentine makes sure to commit to a healthy routine, securing lifelong habits that would help in the survival of him and others. He is well-rounded and spends as much time in the arena as he does the fields, reading books borrowed from Athena's cabin when not physically working. Likes: Exercising -Physical training holds much value with Valentine, who spends quite a lot of time developing his body through weight training, aerobics, and sparring. Animals -Including Rajiv, Valentine treats every animal with the kindness and respect any human deserves, supporting his idea that they've their own rights as well. Literature -A good book, or just a really bad one, can keep Valentine entertained for hours, and he is exceedingly careful with his handling of them. Company -Valentine finds joy in spending time with others, believing that most every activity is more fun with two or more getting involved together. Honest work -Working with the mind and body helps to build positive character, and Valentine makes sure that he fulfills every request to the best of his abilities. Dislikes: Trickery -Loopholes, blackmail, and pranks are trouble for everyone and give rise to problems no one's prepared for. Valentine finds those who employ such tactics pitiful. Stealth -Valentine finds it much more effective to break in through the front door, though this is due to the preservation of his own ideals. Sometimes it's practical. Lying -Honesty is important to Valentine, and liars quickly become the target of his suspicions. He himself seldom lies unless the situation requires he do so. Gambling -Risking what you have in hopes of earning more has always seemed more or less pathetic to Valentine. He himself has never gambled for money. Recluses -Those who refuse the presence of others are generally found pitiful by Valentine, though he knows enough to leave people alone regardless of his feelings. Skills: Strength -Valentine is powerful, even for a demigod, and especially for a mortal. The result of difficult work and unwavering focus, not to mention a godly parent, he is easily as strong as some record-holding humans. Communication -With a level head and careful tact, Valentine is generally able to talk to anyone with ease, whether sharing ideas, giving commands, or simply making small talk with friends. He is skilled as a mediator. Judgement -Picking and choosing is a strong suit of Valentine, and his opinions are always well thought out, with much support to his claims. Whenever he speaks, people tend to listen, and they rarely interrupt. Awareness -Fully alert at his best, and cautious even in the worst of conditions, Valentine is always wary of his surroundings. His instinct and senses can be triggered by the slightest of stimuli, and he reacts fast. Teamwork -Valentine works best in a group of people, or at least with a partner. The buddy system is a must for him, though his concern with working together isn't so ingrained, and he rarely becomes paranoid because of it. Weaknesses: Trustfulness -Though Valentine supports and tries to assist every camper whenever possible, becoming his enemy means losing both his help and being the target of his suspicions, not to mention his favorite tiger. Dependence -Valentine relies on allies to watch his back as he charges ahead into a fight. When presented with a difficult situation, he looks to everyone else for their opinions and advice. Valentine can be, in a word, lost, without others. Restraint -While sparring, Valentine generally pulls most of his punches. However, in a serious combat situation, every blow he deals has the potential to tear flesh and crack bone. His demeanor changes wildly in battle. Temper -One would have to try hard to truly anger Valentine, though the people who succeed usually become the next prey of a wild beast- and his tiger. Valentine seldom remains mad, though his fury makes him dangerous. Overprotective -All too often Valentine focuses more on the wellbeing of others than of his own, putting his own life at risk while making sure others live to fight another day. He goes out of his way to prevent all losses, sans himself. Passions: Kick-boxing -Valentine is an excellent kick-boxer, practicing this martial art to be able to fight more effectively. As he becomes more proficient, his skill and speed in a fight become greater, even as his strength continues to grow. Body training -With his great height and incredible endurance, Valentine trains with various standard and custom weights as often as four days in a week. He also swims and runs often, participating in field events as well. Fears: Solitude -Being truly and completely alone is a cause for fear to Valentine. Going beyond having no one to support you, such loneliness makes it feel as if the whole of the planet where actually against your endeavors. Failure -Everyone has a fear of failure. However, it's a bit more serious for Valentine, who thinks of failure as the occurrence of everything he had tried to prevent. After spending so much time on preparing, failure is difficult to take. Hobbies: Reading -Textbooks, manuals, classic literature, graphic novels, etc., Valentine will read anything. To him, reading is a way to learn new things, gain more information, provoke deeper thoughts, and explore new worlds. He doesn't own a single book that he hasn't read thrice, and occasionally carries a pocketbook, most commonly Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Sparring -While training and practice help reinforce one's ability to fight, experience is just as important, if not more so. Valentine tends to spar one on one or with a partner, against a common foe or a group of enemies. He occasionally wrestles Rajiv, or the both of them learn from each other. He is often seen allowing the tiger to pounce on him to demonstrate new maneuvers. Fighting Specialty: Boxing -Had he not been a demigod, Valentine would most likely have become a professional boxer. Even though he calls Dionysus dad, he still practices various strikes capable of putting down a man as big as he is. He is excellent at close-quarters combat, and often reads the movements of foes to efficiently dodge and counter attack. Fatal Flaw: Wrath -While incredibly slow to anger, when Valentine actually gets worked up, his fists become indiscriminate and merciless. Being furious is as fatal to Valentine as it is to whoever managed to put him in such a state, and it could even take a god to end his rampage. The power he gains from madness is linked to his father, and he could even invoke a similar feeling in others. Theme Song: Half-Truism - The Offspring One is for envy And one just for spite The cuts in my heart They show in your eyes Don't make it better The twisting knife Turns all by itself On to someone else Your self-liberation Will leave this behind Beyond slings and arrows That rain on our minds You'll make it better Shake it off It never mattered anyway If we don't make it alive Well it's a hell of a good day to die All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long And it's ashes to ashes again Should we even try to pretend? All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long The banner you're waving Is burning and red It's blocking the sunlight That shines overhead You against the world Diamonds and pearls Voices inside you churn Watch the city burn Your own liberation Will leave them behind All the slings and arrows That rain on your mind Don't make it better Break it cause It never mattered anyway If we don't make it alive Well it's a hell of a good day to die All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long And it's ashes to ashes again Should we even try to pretend? All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long I Won't Calm Down The banner you're waving (The banner you're waving) Is burning and red (Is burning and red) You against the world Diamonds and pearls It never mattered Mattered Mattered anyway If we don't make it alive Well it's a hell of a good day to die All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long And it's ashes to ashes again Should we even try to pretend? All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long All our light that shines strong Only lasts for so long ... The Puppeteer: Name: Jonny K. Nguyen Aliases: Voltaic, Spiral, Azure (Thanh), Cubone (Garagara), and JonJon How long have you been role playing?: 5-7 years How did you find us?: (TOUCH THE SKY) Non-Canon Fairy Tail RP Role Playing Sample: Quote: A blanket of clouds shrouded the Earth from the first of the sun's rays. Valentine had jogged to the arena at dawn, bringing with him his pair of weighted-knuckle gloves and push dagger pocketknife, his signature weapons for most any situation. He had practiced alone, first pulling on the gloves and delivering a beating to a heavy bronze breastplate mounted on a wooden dummy. His heart rate began to climb, though his breathing was steady. A heavy thump called out each strike. though he only felt as much pain as the inanimate bronze. Tapping his knuckles together, his gloves were transformed into leather bindings that wrapped themselves around his hands and upper arms, heavy studs raised in rows along the exterior of the wrappings. He continued the exercise, shifting his stances, slipping and bobbing as imagined punches flew at him. Pulling his arm back, Valentine shifted his weight and allowed the momentum to deliver a deadly haymaker that tore through the armor and splintered the wooden dummy within. He extracted his hand carefully from the twisted metal and torn wood. Backing away from the decimated dummy to inspect his work, Valentine's head shook in disappointment. Unclenching and relaxing a fist, he slipped his fingers out of the glove's embrace the moment it reverted back to their regular form. With his naked hand he drew his pocketknife, flicking it open as he trotted over to another, unarmored dummy. The blade flashed in the morning light as he created a number of shallow gashes all along the surface of the wood. Flicking the knife so that the blade was perpendicular to the handle, Valentine shifted and tightened his grip, the corners of his mouth curling upwards as he felt the cold metal tube cover his forearm. His hand still gripped the handle within as a spike protruded from the end, soon after fanning out into a semicircular blade that glinted with sunlight. This was his deadliest weapon, and was seldom involved in his fight. It made for lovely practice, however. Resuming his stance once more before this fresh dummy, he practiced blocking blows that never happened, before closing in and executing a simple disarming maneuver on a limb that wasn't there. The blade of his scissor sliced deeply into the wood, and a follow-up straight sent the dummy's upper body flying. He relaxed his fist and his grip on the handle, and allowed both items to return to their original shapes. Finally allowing himself to take a break, Valentine regained control of his breathing, and allowed his heart to slow. A sheen of sweat barely shone on his skin, and the cool, early morning air felt colder because of it. He was closer to mastering his weapons, but relying solely on them would be foolish. His warm-up was over, his body ready to begin the exertions scheduled for the rest of the day. And what a fine day it would be. Read more: [[1]]

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