Reason for Leaving CampEdit


As a daughter of Aphrodite, stereotypical campers would assume that Valentina was too self-absorbed in herself to do anything besides look in her mirror, check out dudes and/or chicks, apply make up, and gossip. To prove everyone wrong, Valentina went off on a quest to defend a swamp-shore town against a dangerous Hydra (a 'big snake' in the mist'). No one has seen her since.

Enrollment ProfileEdit

Phoenix, Valentina DEMIGOD 2rd Year at Camp Age: 15 Son/Daughter of Aphrodite Alliance: Resistance Appearance: Eye(s): Green Hair: Red Height: 5’7’’ Build Type: Graceful Brief Description: Wendy’s fairly tall, standing at 5’7’’. She has long and thick red curls that she loves to leave open. She’s tanned, and has lovely skin, a trait many people envy her for. Her eyes are a dazzling shade of emerald, and are framed by her thick black eyelashes. She’s graceful and lithe, as expected from an Aphrodite kid. Background: Mortal Parent(s): Jonathan Phoenix - father Other Family: N/A Pets: N/A Brief History: Jonathan Phoenix was a model, barely nineteen years of age. Of course, he was modeling so that he earned enough money to provide for himself while he did a course in Mythology. Aphrodite, being the goddess she is, was immediately attracted to Jonathan due to his scruffy good looks, and introduced herself as ‘Valentina’. She didn’t reveal herself to Jonathan, and soon enough, they had a kid. However, Valentina vanished soon later, leaving poor Jonathan all by himself, and he named the girl after her mother, or the alias she went by, at least. Although it was difficult for Jonathan to raise Valentina all by himself, he did so successfully. Valentina was never a difficult child, if you didn’t count the ADHD and dyslexia that came along with a demigod. Therefore, Valentine struggled a lot in school. She wasn’t stupid though, and was a fairly smart girl. Boys flocked to her like bees, of course, with her being the daughter of Aphrodite. Teachers always had something against Valentina, which always irked the girl. She could almost charmspeak too, a trait she wasn’t aware of back then. She squirmed her way out of many situations, and never got into detention. Ever. The only friend Valentina had back in school was a boy named Jack. He was the only boy that didn’t hit on her, and she was pleased because of it. One day, they were walking back from school, when Valentina spotted a Ferrari and was intent on getting a drive in it. She approached the owner of the car, and Valentina asked him for the keys. Without even contemplating about it, the driver handed over the keys to the girl, and walked away. Jack started hyperventilating there and then, and before Valentina could get a ride in the car, Jack dragged her home. Jack told Jonathan Valentina was different when the latter had barely opened the door. John wasn’t new to Jack’s nuances, but was mighty angry when Jack said that. After a long and boring talk, John agreed to send the girl to Camp Half-Blood. Oh, and yes, Jack was a satyr. Valentina was thirteen, and barely at camp for two hours when Aphrodite claimed her. Personality: Valentina hates being the daughter of Aphrodite. There, it’s out loud. She’s not what you’d call a tomboy, but would rather dress up in a simple T-shirt and jeans than try to look like a model. She’s your ideal girl-next-door, and she loves reading. She’s friendly, and immensely helpful. She loves kids, and hate bullies. However, although Valentina would never admit it out loud, she loves her mother a lot, and if you looked at it, Valentina’s a lot like the Goddess. Valentina may appear as someone who mocks love, but she’s an idealist at heart. She dreams for a happily-ever-after. Valentina can charmspeak too, though her ability is still a novelty to her. She’s not stubborn, and is very merciful. She would do anything for her friends. Although she doesn’t wear extravagant clothes, she’s got a good sense of fashion, and loves dressing up her younger siblings at camp. She fights for what she wants. She may not like being the daughter of Aphrodite, but that’s where she belongs, whether she likes it or not. Likes: Cleanliness Love Chick Flicks [xD] Friendship Reading Dislikes: Snobs All brawn and no brain Blades Lust Rejection Skills: Charm-speaking, though not very well Easily likeable Merciful Diplomatic Skilled with a bow and arrow Weaknesses: Falls in love easily Doesn’t handle love well Judgmental Naive Sensitive Passions: Fashion designing Succeeding in whatever she does Fears: Blades Bullies Hobbies: Designing Listening to music Fighting Specialty: Valentina is fairly good with a bow and arrow, having good precision. She’s named her bow ‘Philia’ that means ‘friendship and brotherly love’ in Greek. Otherwise, she isn’t a great fighter, being mediocre in sword-fighting and close combat. Describe the extent of your powers/abilities: Being a daughter of Aphrodite, Valentina is a charm speaker. She’s still new to her ability, and is not an extraordinary one. jewelry. She has minor control over love and emotions. Due to being the daughter of Aphrodite, she has telepathic connections with doves and swans, and some minor connections with dolphins. Fatal Flaw: Val's fatal flaw would probably be her gullible nature. She tends to think of others before herself because of her loving nature. She readily believes anyone, and people take advantage of her at times. Please describe why you think you can stabilize a powerful character. Minimum of two well-developed paragraphs **Big Three Only**: Please give a brief background on your minor god**Minor Gods Only**: Theme Song: Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney Lyrics CLICK THE LINK! ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Wednesday Age: 14 How long have you been role playing?: You know. xD Rate Your RPing 1-5 Stars according to our Star Rule (1 = beginner. 5= most advanced): 3. 4, on good days. How did you find us?: This is hopefully my second character! –crosses fingers- Read more: [[1]]

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