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This daughter of an Egyptian deity, decided to take a vacation from Greek stuff for a while and travel back to Africa.

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Sherryfield, Tybalt DEMIGOD 1st Year at Camp Age: 19 Daughter of Bast. Info on Bast Appearance: Eye(s): Her gaze is painted emerald but often shift to a more yellowed hue. Hair: Onyx tresses are what veil her dome. Height: The girl stands but five feet and 2 inches. Build Type: lean and slim Brief Description: Badru has little height to herself, she only stands 5’2, however her legs are a little on the long side and she is very well proportioned. She is built for agility much like the felines she keeps in company with. Her skin is of alabaster tone and her eyes are dark lined. Although her hair highly contrasts her pale skin, it seems to compliment her well. She remains in tight, breathable clothes, usually a pair of black jean shorts and a small halter top of the same hue. Over her shoulders you can often find a black military like jacket, lightweight and decorated with a black fur lined hood and striped sleeves. Being a fan of the Cheshire cat, the left sleeve is blue with black stripe while the right is violet with black stripes. Background: Mortal Parent(s): Tomas Sherryfield Other Family: none, Pets: Accompanying the young demi is her companion known simply as Memphis, a large male Snowleopard. Brief History: Bast had come across this strange man living in her domain, he had moved to Egypt in search of adventure as he studied the catacombs of the old pyramids. She first discovered him when he stumbled into a tomb dedicated to the ancient goddess. When there, he discovered a wounded feline and her kittens, instead of being cruel, he took in the felines and cared for the lot of them, always giving the cats their choice on whether to stay or to leave. Bast heart warmed to the man and soon found she had fallen for the man. She had known the man longed for a family, however, Bast could not bring herself to live a mortal life, in spite of her adoration of the strange man. Instead, one night she took the shape of a beautiful Egyptian woman. Coming to his bed she spent the night with him and in each other’s arms they found comfort and passion. She left his side the following morning and did not return to him. He searched for her as best he could, not knowing that he had found love in a higher power than he could imagine. Bast bore a daughter from the mortal man and knowing that a halfbreed baby could never live with her, she brought the baby girl to the door of the man who sired her, knowing full well he would accept her as his own and raise her to be a proper young woman. Attached to the baby’s basket, a letter, warning the new father of what he would expect, and from that day on she had kept close watch on her little family that would never get the chance to meet her. Personality: Likes: the dark the moon mind games thunder and lightning cats Dislikes: disrespect rain those who harm animals. new moons authority Skills: shes quick wilful cuning graceful strong Weaknesses: water close combat catnip Passions: dancing free running Fears: drowning losing control Hobbies: free running hanging out with Minmin Fighting Specialty: speed. Describe the extent of your powers/abilities: Tybalt is feline in all aspects, first of all, her eye teeth aka fangs are longer than that of the average human and can serve to be quite unsettling. Her fingers bare lengthy nails that are sharp and hard, much like a felines claws and they can extend. Her agility and balance are incomparable, however she does have a slight fear when reaching certain heights. Aswell, grace to her mother, Tybalt has the ability to take the form of a black cat, often favouring this form especially during the day. Fatal Flaw: Tybalt can't swim. At all....

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Please give a brief background on your minor god: Theme Song: Lyrics ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Misfit Age: How long have you been role playing?: Can’t remember but at least 6 years? How did you find us?: Sammy told meh. Role Playing Sample: From my forum, Character name, Misfit, wolf rp. Quote: Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! What the hell... This bastard knows I’m here, what do I do now? Misfit knew she was cornered now, and like hell did she enjoy it. Missy was never the type to fear another wolf, but she wasn’t entirely sure this was a wolf, this... this beast he was so unlike any wolf she had ever seen, and she had seen some messed up puppies before. This bastard looked more like a demon from hell than a living creature, she didn’t doubt his thirst for flesh and she didn’t care to find out if her imagination was at all correct. Shifting lightly in place she cursed herself, contemplating how to get out of this situation. She continued to watch the brute with narrowed pupils that remained stuck to him like sap to a tree, no way in hell would she let her eyes leave him and give him the opportunity to sneak up on her. What would he do if he found her? She teased with the thought of waiting it out and trying to sneak off, but even with the falling sun the sky was still bright, a dim indigo tore through the once radiant aquamarine and only stained the cooling air a few shades darker, not nearly good enough for a legitimate head start and a good escape. Feeling trapped Misfit made use of one of her greatest weapons, her mind and contemplated her options. First thing was to really pay attention to this newly appointed alpha and break him down piece by piece. He was small, perhaps a slight bit larger than she was and that wasn’t saying much. He was bony and seemed slightly malnutrition, maybe he sucked at hunting? Despite his small frame however, he was frightening. She looked to his visage, cold dead eyes were glaring around the area, searching for her, a vicious expression stained his face and a chilling line of stitches, bathed in blood caused her stomach to churn. From his bloodied jowls his voice crept, crawling down her spine and causing her blood to run cold as a chilling fear embraced her. She had never before felt such fear from something, she had braved even the largest of wolves and other fearful creatures, yet this bony male caused a fear in her she had never felt before. Despite that, she was cornered, in his territory and needed to shake herself from this ridiculous sensation and think up what she would do next. Soon her fear shifted to anger and annoyance, how dare this bastard cause such a stir in her? What gave him the right? And most of all were the hell was that fucking bird? Nahni was really going to get shit on if she managed to get out of this little situation in one piece. Grateful that this male had yet to find her she took in a cleansing breath as a thought came upon her, fighting its way from the mind that was flooded with irrational fear, at least to her it was irrational. Readjusting herself, Misfit took to a more relaxed position, being sure to allow just the hint of a sound to echo out and caress the lobes of the frightening haunt that was still searching for her whereabouts. Her back was facing the bush she had been hiding behind and she curled herself gingerly into a position that would propose she was resting behind it and not in fact spying. Taking another moment to calm her nerves she put on her usual bitch tone and called out to the titan. “You know it’s rather rude of you to demand were I am when you have only taken ownership of this land but a few seconds ago.” Her tone was nothing short of cocky, and any fear that she felt was perfectly hidden behind her usual attitude. Now adding a sigh in the mix of her words she continued on her tirade, her lyrics warm and seductive yet laced with venom that screamed ‘Don’t fuck with me.’ “And who are you to be asking for the presence of another brute? Come here and introduce yourself properly instead of lacking manners as you do....” The larger part of Misfit was screaming to run off while she still could, yet her pride and her conceit beckoned her to stay in place. Her voice did not fail her; the dominance she possessed was clear in her tone as she clearly ordered the male to be respectful and to come introduce himself. And now that Misfit had begun this deadly game, she would not back down. Now she would have to see this through to the end, weather she liked it or not. Read more: [[1]]

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