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Tressa was given a great opportunity to model in a popular fashion show. Look for her on television!

Enrollment ProfileEdit

Lovely, Tressa Faye DEMIGOD 3rd Year at Camp Age: 15 Son/Daughter of Aphrodite Appearance: Eye(s): Brown Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5 feet, 4 inches Build Type: Slim/Slender Brief Description: Tressa's Chinese/Spanish beauty drives the boys wild, but it makes the girls jealous. Her hair long dark brown hair is either straightened or curled depending on her mood, her milk brown eyes sparkle whenever she's in a flirty mood, and her pearly whites glitter when she smiles. Her skin is naturally tan, and her body is slim with a few curves. Background: Due to disliking her real full name, she goes by the stage name, Tressa Faye Lovely, for her acting career. Before she found out she was a demi-god, she gained her popularity from school plays and was well-liked by boys, but disliked by most girls. If it weren't for her looks and her lead roles in multiple school plays and musicals, Tressa maybe well disliked by just about anyone since her vain, selfish, high maintence personality gives off a bad vibe. However, she loves animals, and is very ambitious and talented. Too bad her ADHD and dyslexia gets in the way of her trying to apply to the best Theatre Arts Colleges. Mortal Parent(s): Father Other Family: None Pets: Peach-colored cat with green eyes named Stella Brief History: Born as Tresselina Faye Lopez to Miguel Lopez and Aphrodite on February 14 in New York City, Tress is of Caucasian/Chinese/Spanish descent. During her whole life, she has never met her mother. Instead, she was raised by her father, who is a very successful attorney. Personality: Tressa is known for being flirtatious, ambitious, and talented in the singing and acting area. However, her egotistical, manipulating, and highly competitive personality tends to offend most people, especially the females, most of the time. Likes: Theatre Arts Broadway and Pop Music Beautiful Things Shopping Manipulation Dislikes: Ugly Things Taking Criticism Horrible Fashon Sense Spotlight Stealers Meat Skills: Fluency in French Fluency in Charmspeak (is still learning) Acting/Singing Reading Ancient Greek Some Martial Arts Skills Weaknesses: Most Animals Attractive Men Losing in competitions Academics (Math, History, etc.) Being bored and sitting around Passions: Acting Singing Fears: Being Ugly The Dark Hobbies: Performing on Stage Staying Beautiful Fighting Specialty: She can manipulate a person into stop fighting by staring at beauty while being crafty with some martial art comebacks. Describe the extent of your powers/abilities: Her abilities still have some work to do, but Tressa is still training to be the best demi-god she can be. She's still working on her battling and charmspeaking skills. Fatal Flaw:

    • Big Three Only**
Please describe why you think you can stabilize a powerful character. Minimum of two well-developed paragraphs:
    • Minor Gods Only**
Please give a brief background on your minor god: Theme Song: Lyrics ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Lindsay a.k.a. Lindz Age: 18 How long have you been role playing?: Since June 2006, but I've taken breaks from the internet in-between. My roleplay is a bit rusty right now, so I apologize for that XD How did you find us?: Role Playing Sample: (Just a random Percy Jackson OC example) Quote: Tressa Faye Lovely knew she was special, and she never cared whether anyone agreed with her or not. To her, only her opinion mattered. You can't always depend on everyone, the beautiful demi-god thought to herself as she combed through her dark brown hair while she was on her neatly-made bed, I think it's pathetic when people are too dependent. It makes them look weak and clingy. Being alone in the Aphrodite cabin wasn't always bad. In fact, it was peaceful to the point that she can think while she groomed herself. Usually, she would grab a sword and be ready to battle anyone who was up against her for a fight, but she wasn't in the mood. Besides, after what happened between her and a boy she liked, she couldn't dare to face him in person, and usually, she was one of those people who if they have something to say, they would say it to your face. Strangely, she didn't have the nerve to exchange another word to him, and that fact scared her. Maybe she didn't want to hurt him more than she did. Wait a minute, she suddenly thought to herself, Why do I care what someone thinks....Oh my gods, I don't like I? Read more: [[1]]

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