Hana Fray
Hana Fray, Daughter of Apollo
Vital statistics
Child of Apollo
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Single
Height 5'3
Weight 100 lbs
Eye Color Chocolate brown
Hair Color Brown
Marks/Tattoos None

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Life Before CampEdit

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Life At CampEdit

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Chrysanthos - Long BowEdit

Chysanthos ( which means golden flower ) is the name of her long bow. It's made out of a light material that has the clor of gold. Even though it's a long bow and pretty big, Hana is able to use it without any problems. Thanks to the materials. She carries it around as a bracelet, which is also the color of gold, with a heart-shaped pendant on it.

Sonic ArrowsEdit

They look like normal arrows, but as they fly through the air to hit their target, it makes a loud, screaming sound. When it lands, it unleashes a blast like a power chord on an electric guitar magnified through the world's largest speakers. Sometimes they pulverize monsters, but sometimes they just run away because of the noise it makes.

Ligeia - Pitch PipeEdit

Ligeia ( which means clear-voiced, shrill, whistling ) is the name of a not-so-ordinary pitch pipe, which is normally used to tune guitars. It's as small as a whistle pipe but much stronger. When blowing into one of the six different holes, a rather shrill and loud sound comes out of it. It is so loud that it paralizes monsters ( only for a short period of time like a few seconds ) that are near it and it doesn't harm ordinary people or other campers. Just the sound might be kind of annoying and cause pain in their ears.


Her healing skills aren't that good. She still has to practice a lot and is unable to heal others quickly. She prefers to carry around some Ambrosia and Nectar. The only thing she can heal fast is herself, but since she doesn't fight ( much ), she never has to do so.

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