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This previous leader of the Hephaestus cabin has been deemed MIA since she did not show up for the cabin leader meeting, or anything else at camp afterwards.

Enrollment ProfileEdit

Till, Dakota Lucas Demigod 5 Year at Camp Age:18 Son/Daughter of Hephaestus Appearance: Eye(s): Dark Chocolate Brown Hair: Brown, shoulder length when it’s not curled Height: 5ft 6 Build Type: Tall, slim, but muscled Background: Mortal Parent(s): Mother: Lily Till-Portman Stepfather: Gil Portman Stepmother: Sadie Hallows-Portman Other Family: Stepbrother’s from Gil- Wesley Portman-21 Roger Portman-19 Half-brother’s Children of Lily and Gil- Mitch Portman-5 Michael Portman-5 Stepbrother’s from Sadie- Bentley Hallows-Portman-3 Stepbrother’s from Sadie and Gil- Thomas Portman-1 Jackson Portman- 2 months Pets: A small pug Brief History: Lily was a metal worker, and found herself having an affair with a man who shared her love for building Soon she found herself pregnant and this man disappeared from her life. Dakota was born to Lily Till on May 14, eighteen years ago. When Dakota was one, her mother met Gil Portman, and designer for the company she worked for and married him and adopted his sons, as he adopted Dakota. When Dakota was thirteen her mother had twins, Mitch and Michael Portman. On the drive back from the hospital, there was a crash and her mother was the only fatality. Gil took no time in remarrying. He married Sadie Hallows. That year, Dakota ran away, saddened by her mom’s death. She was attacked by a hell hound and was saved by a satyr. She was brought to camp and she still resides there. When she was fourteen Hephaestus claimed her. She talks to her family every now and then. Personality: Likes: Heat Summer Building things Trying new things out Her siblings, step, and half Dislikes: People judging her because she’s a girl Make up Screwing something up Her half-brothers not knowing her Weak people Skills: Metal Working Building Sword Fighting Sword Building Shield building Weaknesses: Anything Medical Reading anything but blue prints stubbornness Her attitude Her family Passions: Building Capture the Flag 9camp version and regular) Fears: Dying Losing her brothers Hobbies: Helping campers learn to build things Swimming Fighting Specialty: Sword fighting of any kind Fatal Flaw: Her Temper Theme Song: Just the way you are - Bruno Mars Oh her eyes, her eyes Make the stars look like they're not shining Her hair, her hair Falls perfectly without her trying She's so beautiful And I tell her every day Yeah I know, I know When I compliment her She wont believe me And its so, its so Sad to think she don't see what I see But every time she asks me do I look okay I say When I see your face There's not a thing that I would change Cause you're amazing Just the way you are And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile Cause girl you're amazing Just the way you are Her nails, her nails I could kiss them all day if she'd let me Her laugh, her laugh She hates but I think its so sexy She's so beautiful And I tell her every day Oh you know, you know, you know Id never ask you to change If perfect is what you're searching for Then just stay the same So don't even bother asking If you look okay You know I say When I see your face There's not a thing that I would change Cause you're amazing Just the way you are And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile Cause girl you're amazing Just the way you are The way you are The way you are Girl you're amazing Just the way you are When I see your face There's not a thing that I would change Cause you're amazing Just the way you are And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile Cause girl you're amazing Just the way you are ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Alix Age: 15 How long have you been role playing?: 2 years How did you find us?: Ad Role Playing Sample: Quote: Faith looked at the boy in front of her cautiously. Not as cautiously as she was a few seconds before. Before, well she knew it was a boy. A camper, a halfblood. Faith had, before the boy had answered her, grabbed her sword in pen form. Faith was a pretty trusting person but her instincts often got to her. Her battle instincts, and well she had a hobby of over analyzing a situation. Preparing herself for more than one situation. You never knew when a backup plan could work, or a few backup plans for that matter. She had left the pen go placing it in her pocket when he said Hello. I over analyze way to much she thought. She moved herself so she was facing the boy. She had seen him before. But then again she knew that she had seen a lot of people that she didn’t personally know. She looked at him with her grey blue eyes tracing her memories trying to think when she had seen him. My first day at camp, she thought. That day had been hectic; she remembered seeing him, among the confusion. All that confusion, well maybe it was self-inflicted confusion but it was confusion none the less. She snapped from her frame of mind whenever he said the same. She understood the feeling, she hardly ever fell asleep after her nightmares, which were nightly occasions for her, most of her dreams would start out pleasant then toward the end something would happen, and she would see someone or something, most of the time that someone or something was her dad. She said lightly laughing “I know the feeling.” .Then he held his hand out. She cracked a smilewhen he said that he was labeled as a trouble maker and prankster. She was interested in pranks too; she would pull one complicated one every so often. Though hardly a person knew who set the prank itself. It was often blamed on one of the Hermes kids. Her face blushed when he said and you are my lady. She usually didn’t blush unless she was extremely embarrassed or extremely hot. But this was not a nervous blush, nor was she dying of the heat. No this blush was caused by his words. His words were laced with something she didn’t know. She didn’t say that too often. It was laced with flirtation. She said still blushing and smiling a small smile “Faith Low, Daughter of Athena. It is nice to meet you Julian” . She took a small breath calming herself, the blush in her cheeks dissipated to a faint rosy color. She looked back at him. He really was handsome, wasn’t he? She put her hand out meeting his shaking his hand before pulling her hand back. What? She had never really had these thoughts so they utterly confused her. The feeling, the thoughts, they were all new to her. She smirked thinking about all the times her sisters had asked her why she didn’t date. Not that she ever said the real reason. The real reason was Abby. If Abby caught wind of that, she would tell her for sure that she would tell her that she could have a life. But Faith’s whole life revolved around Abby it seemed since she had realized she existed. She pushed these thoughts from her mind. Though her mind tried to figure out how to react. She heard him say that he had most likely seen her before, and how long he was at camp. Math, that was easy. As soon as her mind had pieced the words together she figured the total out. Eleven years. Longer than her she thought. She had only been at camp since she was twelve. Nine years. The first nine years her life was stable she thought. She had belonged somewhere all those nine years. She had people who cared for those nine years. Unlike her father. She bit her lip slightly at the thought. Her first thought was speak. “I’ve only been here nine years, I got her when I was twelve and am Twenty-One now” . She took a slight breath and continued “I’ve only left camp once; I think I remember you from my first day at camp. But then again I could be wrong”. She moved a piece of hair that fell in her face. Sometimes the strands would fall in her face every other second it seemed. But that’s what she got for refusing to straighten it or pull it out of her face. She turned back to him just catching what he was saying. Faith had done the same thing. She looked at the lake for a moment. Her calm place. She turned back to him, she hadn’t really noticed until he said it but he was staring at her. Then he said she was beautiful. Her eyes lit up . She had never been told that before, or she had never paid attention. No she was certain she had never been told that before, by a guy at least. She blushed to high heavens. What do I say? How do I look? How do I look?! She never really cared about that. Oh, boy did she wish she had known what to do. She smiled still a small smile. She looked at him, he was handsome. She couldn’t take her own eyes off him. She forced her head down to think. What to do? She said after gathering herself, “ Sorry, I’ve just never been told that before. Your, sweet.”. What else? What else? She said without thinking “I can’t keep my eyes off you either, your very handsome.” . What did I just say? I just blew it didn’t I? She thought in her head. Her thoughts were in a million directions though her face stayed in the seam expression. A small smile and blushing, though not so much anymore. Read more: [[1]]

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