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Cryic Gamble was mercilessly murdered by Leon Year after refusing to help in a Rebel's attempt of sabotage against Olympus. No one knows where his body is except for his murderer, who has taken the dirty little secret to his grave. For all anyone knows, Cryic is just missing.

Enrollment ProfileEdit

Gamble, Cryic Demigod 1st Year at Camp Age: 17 Son/Daughter of Janus Appearance: Eye(s): Blue Hair: Short Brown Height: 5'10 Build Type: Muscular Background: Mortal Parent(s): Amber Gamble Other Family: none Pets: none Brief History: Cryic Gamble was a sociable and out going individual in his life outside of Camp half-blood. His mother a well mannered security guard spent Cryic's entire life trying to teach him to respect and love his fellow humans, she tried to teach him to mind his own business and stay out of other peoples lives. She both succeeded and failed, Cryic grew to be a friendly and respectable young man, but much like his father he couldn't resist involving himself in peoples lives. Whenever people had choices to make Cryic couldn't resist but lay out other peoples options for them. As the son of the God of Gates, Doorways, and portals Cryic has a natural ability to bypass any opening, and as such he has a love for exploring new places. Cryic is strong, talkative, perceptive, and friendly, and although he doesn't always mean to he tends to have a strong influence on the people around him that are faced with options or choices. Personality: Cryic is loud and somewhat obnoxious at times, he is a man who likes to talk and he knows it, a fact that often makes him talk more. Friendly and well mannered even to those he would call enemies, Cryic enjoys getting involved in peoples lives, seeing what choices the people around him make and way. Cryic has always been fascinated with watching a person make a life defining decision, and knowing he may have helped influence someone is one of his greatest joys whether the choice made was good or bad. As such he gives advice on everything, and even gives detailed descriptions on how even the simplest actions may have a effect on ones life. Having never in his life been stopped by a locked door, Cryic has a problem with personal space, other peoples personal space. Has far as he is concerned anyone may enter any door they are faced with so long as they can live with the consequences, meaning Cryic tends to barge into private areas, off limit zones, and even other peoples living space without realizing they may have a issue with it. Likes: Decision makers exploring knives Talking Sports/Training/Fighting Dislikes: People who can't make up their minds People who get mad when he walks around Boredom People who say they have no choice Be told to be silent Skills: Seeing every option Trespassing Fighting Good control over his godly abilities Convincing people Weaknesses: Can't stay quiet Long ranged fights Cute girls Magical attack People get easily frustrated with him Passions: Narrating investigating Fears: Mazes: Unlike locked doors he can't simply unlock them Minotaurs: They haunt Mazes Hobbies: Lock-picking: Cryic doesn't need this skill, but he likes trying Training Fighting Specialty: Knife fighting Fatal Flaw: Cryic can't help but explain choices and out comes. Should a person get him talking about the right things he may accidentally tell someone in detail their best way to defeat him, or finish a evil plan, or get away with a crime, etc. Theme Song: Move, by Thousand Foot Krutch Lyrics Look, listen to my voice If you're making the choice Tell me all the girls and the boys Either scream or rejoice Let's make that noise Either move or we will all be destroyed Move and show me what you can do When you step into the circle and shake like we do Move when you just can't take it And move if you just feel like breaking it ... The Puppeteer: Name/ Alias: Dee Age: 20 How long have you been role playing?: 10+ years How did you find us?: ad Role Playing Sample: Quote: Cryic was new to Camp Half-blood, he had only learned from his mother about his fathers godly bloodline a few scant months ago. In truth he always knew a little, not necessarily about gods, but Cryic could do things, things other people couldn't. He had never talked with his mother about it, but he knew she knew too, it was why she finally told him. Thinking back Cryic remembered the incident that lead to him beinging sent to Camp half-blood in the first place. It was night, of course it was, that was when his mother worked her shift as a security officer for the Smithsonian museum of natural history. Cryic liked to visit her at work, he also enjoyed the Greek exhibit the museum had at night, there was no one around to yell at him when he touched something, plus he could read when he was there, unlike everywhere else he went. Climbing the stairs that lead to the front of the building Cryic reached out and gripped the door with a gentle tug the door slide open smoothly, as if it were lighter then a feather. Cryic had always wondered about this, he had come during the day before and seen men much larger then him struggle to pull the portal open, they always complained to everyone around them that this door was the heaviest door they had ever open. Cryic merely shrugged the thought aside as he walked into the first exhibit, something or other to do with space. As he walked Cryic remembered once seeing something on TV about the Smithsonian security being some of the best in the world, and how every door was outfitted with the finest locks. Locks always astonished the man, he saw them on every door he ever passed through, Cryic even kept some on a desk at home that he liked to fiddle around with. Never once had he been stopped by a lock though, "What is the point to all the locks if people never actually lock them though?" Cryic said aloud to himself, he often spoke his thoughts aloud, even when other people were around him, he never much wondered why, it was just something that he often did. Passing through the space ex bit Cryic passed through two more doors that were 'locked' before he reached the Greek exhibit. Cryic stopped and breathed in a breath of the familiar musky air that the many old relics about the room gave off. Soon after he was traveling up and down the long hall, reading the engravings that he read every visit. Cryic stopped at a large white cloth, it hung suspended in the air at the center of the hall, Cryic could just see the tan stone base of whatever was under the sheet. Cryic was unable to read the sign next to the cloth, but he guessed that whatever was underneath was a new exhibit for the museum. "Should I? I'll get in trouble and I can just wait till tomorrow when its uncovered anyway. But its more fun to find out now...." Cryic said to himself in thought, pondering his choices. A grin came to his face as he reached out to feel the white fabric in his hand, Cryic would deal with the consequences later, right now he wanted to know. The cloth fell with a sharp pull, revealing a huge stone edifice, it stood tall and tan, its rectangular features forming the basis of a great gate. Cryic stood in awe as the glyphs written across the doors surface began to scrawl into words before his very eyes. The Greek lettering becoming readable to him like the rest of the exhibits in the hall. "Behind this gate was sealed the souls of those fallen, and upon its opening the dead shall claim the world." Spoke a description of a man coated in flames, souls or ghosts floated around his person as if a aura of his power. Cryic recognized the carved man as the god Hades, from other artwork around the room. Another man was carved into the door, his figure highlighted by the mark of thunderbolts, a eagle circled his head, he could be none but Zeus. The words over Zeus formed into a flowing scipted, yet the corners of the lettering remained sharp, as if the gods very voice held the power of thunder. "Then I decree that none shall open this gate, I place it under the domain of Janus, to do with as he wish." A final shape had been carved into the door, not a body or a symbol of power, but a face. The face was carved of two separate stones, one light, the other dark, the words spoken from the face were simple and direct. "Then this door shall remain sealed, only me and mine shall hold its key, Nye mortal or god shall break its lock." Cryic stood confounded by the words, a portal to the underworld it couldn't be true. But even as he wondered his hand reached out to grasp a simple stone handle, there was choices to be made, many many choices, but in the end Cryic didn't believe, but he did want to know. As his hand pushed against the handle the lights with the hall shattered, raining down glass upon the hall. It took Cryic a moment to realize the glass hadn't shattered on its own but that a wail was emanating from the door, green light spilled into the dark room from the very corners of the portal it had been opened only a inch, yet Cryic snatched his hand back as pale white fingers snaked around the gate, they pulled at the door in a attempted to reach they freedom. Cryic held his hands over his ears as the terrible screech echoed louder and louder from the door. He began to turn, to run, but a hand at his shoulder stopped him. Turning to see behind him Cryic saw his mother behind him, her gun in her other hand, even as it pressed against her ear to fight off the scream. She grabbed Cryic's hands and brought them to the door handle, forcing his fingers around the bar the two of them pulled the portal closed, the grasping white fingers dissolved into thick black smoke. As the wail of the dead vanished Cryic began to pick up on the sound of a alarm, looking at the museum doors he saw that their glass windows had shattered to. Amber Gamble put her hands to either side of her sons face and forced him to look at her. "It's time you went to camp." she said. Please provide some background information on your minor god/goddess: Janus: Janus is the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, endings and time. Most often he is depicted as having two heads, facing opposite directions; one head looks back at the last year while the other looks forward to the new, simultaneously into the future and the past. In Percy Jackson He has two faces, and each face seems to think the exact opposite of what the other face thinks. Read more: [[1]]

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